Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Transfer of power in Cuba

Many people have raised the argument that the provisional transfer of power from Fidel to his brother Raul in Cuba is a dictatorial move and similiar to transfer of power in a monrachy. This view is incorrect.

Article 94 of The Constitution of the Republic of Cuba 1992 provides that "in cases of the absence, illness or death of the president of the Council of State, the first vice president assumes the president's duties." Who is the first vice president of the Council of State of Cuba? Happens to be Gen. Raul Castro Ruz (since 1976). Moreover, the first vice president of the Council of State is elected by National Assembly of People's Power, not appointed by the Presedent.

According to the constitution of Cuba, Comrade Fidel Castro had no option but to transfer his powers the Comrade Raul Castro. Had Comrade Fidel Castro done otherwise, his action could have been termed as dictatorial.

List of Council of Ministers of the Government of Cuba:

Constitution of the Republic of Cuba 1992:

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venceremos said...

Exactly! The U.S. will always paint genuine revolutionaries as dictators, even anti-imperialists like Hugo Chavez, regardless of democratic elections or not. When in reality, the people making decisions in the U.S. aren't even elected, or KNOWN to the masses of people. Comprare democracies.

Great blog! I will add your link to mine.