Sunday, February 26, 2006


We the People of India and the World -

Drawing upon all the great traditions of justice, fairness and plain
decency evolved in the course of human history;

Upholding the right to life and its perpetuation in all its forms

Resisting with all our might the ongoing assault on human rights,
values and liberties by the forces of capital, racism and authoritarianism;

Affirming the overwhelming need for a global uprising against the
relentless march of US militarism across Planet Earth;

Hereby charge George W. Bush, the US Government he represents and all
its allies around the world with the following (among countless others)
crimes against humanity -:

- Attempting to restore the era of Western colonial rule over the world
through devastating violence and systematic looting of resources of
weaker nations;

- Violating and indeed summarily rejecting all known international laws
governing relations between countries of the world;

- Planning, preparing, and waging the supreme crime of a war of
aggression in contravention of the United Nations Charter and the Nuremberg

- Murdering in cold blood over 200,000 citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan
in the first phase of this project of global recolonisation;

- Targeting civilian populations through indiscriminate use of
violence, systematic destruction of infrastructure and collective punishment of
cities and towns;

- Using illegal weapons including napalm, depleted uranium, cluster and
white phosphorus bombs against both civilian and combatants in
violation of the Geneva Conventions;

- Using deadly violence against peaceful protestors in the occupied

- Subjecting Iraqi and Afghani soldiers and civilians to torture and
cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment;

- Obstructing the right to information, in particular through
assassination of journalists and deliberate military targeting of media

- Willfully devastating the environment, including through use of
radioactive material with potential to harm all life forms for centuries to

- Planning the use of nuclear weapons against adversaries such as Iran
in the near future;

- Bribing or bullying developing country governments, such as in India,
to become partners in its global crimes;

- Emerging as the greatest threat to global peace, security and human
well being since the advent of the Nazism under Adolf Hitler.

We solemnly pledge that we will not forget, forgive or rest till we
bring the perpetrators of these enormous crimes to justice no matter how
long it takes or what efforts it calls for.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wikipedia: gagging the encyclopedia?

Juventud Rebelde
February 16, 2006

Wikipedia: gagging the encyclopedia?

A CubaNews translation.
Edited by Walter Lippmann.

It came about as an open-content project for worldwide netsurfers,
this website's content is being targeted now by those trying to
'dress up' the image of US politicians or hush-up differing opinions.

In a partially-undercover operation worthy of the terrible
disinformation campaigns waged by Nazi Germany's Minister of
Instruction and Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, the U.S. Congress visited
the Internet and modified the public biographies of a dozen senators
that were published in the Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia

A free multilingual encyclopedia based on the wiki system, the site
is written and rewritten collaboratively by volunteers from all over
the world, and its articles can be changed and replaced with new
content by anyone who so wishes.

The project began on January 15, 2001 as a complement to the
expert-written Nupedia and presently has more than 3,210,000
articles, including more than 945 000 in the English-language
version, and as of January 2006 it reached a number of 857,000
registered users.

This is the first time, however, that the U.S. government has been
found to be intentionally modifying the site's content to 'embellish'
its senators' biographies by trimming any 'dark angles' or
controversial elements from their past.

Wikipedia reported that Capitol Building-based computers deleted
facts from articles about senators, while other entries were

In fact, the scandal spread after some senators admitted to have
'polished' their own biographies, such as Massachusetts Democrat
Marty Meehan, whose confession gave rise to an investigation that has
brought to light similar actions by other American politicians.


Wikipedia is a user-designed Internet site in which visitors can make
entries and edit any page. As a result, it has become a kind of
online reference website where readers can find almost any

Furthermore, users can also edit words within the same article both
to add to their meaning and enrich each entry with new knowledge, so
its information at times exceeds that of other traditional
encyclopedias, either digital or in paper.

On the other hand, since it can be reviewed and enhanced free of
charge, many use it as a daily consultation tool mainly preferred by
students, who gain new knowledge and contribute with whatever
addition they deem useful to others.

For instance, the British journal Nature recently reported to have
examined a wide range of scientific information and concluded that
articles in Wikipedia are comparable in accuracy to those in the
Encyclopedia Britannica, after finding few differences between both
reference works.

Nevertheless, Wikipedia has been repeatedly criticized for a
perceived lack of reliability regarding its information, since by the
nature of its openness some people have introduced inaccuracies or
distorted its contents.

Consequently, Wikipedia was recently forced to request users to
register their generals before they proceed to modify anything so
that readers can be able to know who provided any new text.

'INACCURACIES' AND VANDALISM Owing to the scandal caused by the U.S.
senators who tampered with the online encyclopedia, site-manager
Wikimedia Foundation decided to take a look at previous edition works
made to Wikipedia, and to that end its investigators got the Senate's
computer protocol numbers and thus found out some changes made to
pages online.

According to the website, a dozen biographies of outstanding figures
were modified from Senate-based computers, including that of
Minnesota senator Norm Coleman.

Coleman's own office has already confirmed that its staff has made
some changes to their Internet files. Where it had been described as
a 'liberal' university student, it now says 'activist". Also deleted
was data saying that Coleman had voted for Bush 98% of the time in
2003, when a year before he had campaigned as a 'moderate'.

Coleman's chief of staff Erich Mische said such editing was made to
correct some inaccuracies and delete facts that failed to correctly
portray the politician.

But Wikipedia claims this is just a part of the problem, for there
have been cases of true information 'vandalism', namely in the case
of president George W. Bush's biography, now impossible to be edited
after being altered countless times by supporters and critics alike
as well as acceded to from the U.S. Congress.


Much deeper interests than those of the Empire's makeup artists lie
behind the controversy surrounding these changes to Wikipedia
articles, as proven by pressures exerted on this website to prevent
its content from being modified by netsurfers.

The ultimate goal is to eliminate any thoughts dissenting from
hegemonic ideas disseminated by 'official' encyclopedias, because
Wikipedia has become a bulwark of all kinds of viewpoints, if leftist
ones for the most part.

In addition to how questionable some of the online encyclopedia's
content may be, the truth is no one doubts it has become an essential
reference tool, to the extreme that many prefer it over Encarta or
the abovementioned Encyclopedia Britannica, notwithstanding their
share of mistakes, some accidental. others not.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Forgery of the 'Lenin Testament'

V.A. Sakharov
Candidate of Historical Sciences

Below we publish an analysis of documents which are said to have been written or dictated by V.I. Lenin before he died and which were critical of J.V. Stalin. The following article was first published in the newspaper 'Molniya', organ of the Trudovaya Rossiya mass movement, translated by Michael Lucas and published in the collection of articles 'The Lie of the 'Lenin Testament' (Toronto, 1997). The article is prefaced by extracts from 'Letter to the Congress', which has been stated to have been dictated by Lenin. V.A. Sakharov raises the question of the authorship of this and related documents.

Read the complete article.

Lies concerning the history of the Soviet Union

From Hitler to Hearst, from Conquest to Solzhenitsyn: the history of the millions of people who allegedly were incarcerated and died in the labour camps of the Soviet Union and as a result of starvation during Stalin's time.
Speech by Mario Sousa, KPML (r) Sweden
Translated and presented to the Stalin Society by Ella Rule March 1999.

In this world we live in, who can avoid hearing the terrible stories of suspected death and murders in the gulag labour camps of the Soviet Union? Who can avoid the stories of the millions who starved to death and the millions of oppositionists executed in the Soviet Union during Stalin's time? In the capitalist world these stories are repeated over and over again in books, newspapers, on the radio and television, and in films, and the mythical numbers of millions of victims of socialism have increased by leaps and bounds in the last 50 years.
But where in fact do these stories, and these figures, come from? Who is behind all this?

To read the rest of the article, click here.