Monday, August 28, 2006

Death Anniversary of Suleman Petras

The Anjuman-e-Mazreen Punjab (Landless Tenants Union of Punjab- AMP) organized an event on the 4th death anniversary of one of their martyred comrades-- Suleman Petras. The Communist Workers and Pesants Party (CMKP) participated whole-heartedly and expressed solidarity with AMP.

Please, read the detailed report of the event written by Taimur Rahman.

Jhera Wahway, Oh hi Khaway (He who tills the soil shall eat!)

Following are some of the pictures taken by a cadre of CMKP on the death anniversary of Suleman Petras:

The participants of the event paying attention the speeches of their leaders.


As can be seen the participation of women is higher than that of men.


The flag of AMP masted at the grave of Suleman Petras.


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