Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Isreal's attacks on Lebanon

"At this stage we do not think we have to activate massive ground forces into Lebanon but if we have to do this, we will," Moshe Kaplinsky, Israel's deputy army chief, shamelessly declared through the Israel Radio on July 18th. The statements coming out from the Israeli offices indicate that they plan to continue the attacks on the Lebanon on the pretext of rescuing its two Israeli soldiers, while ignoring hundreds of Arabs suffering in Israeli jails. Israeli president has also expressed that Israel is not going to back out even if the situation leads to a conflict between two countries.

Israeli attack have entered their seventh day, killing more than 227 people, including 203 civilians, and causing massive damage to Lebanese civilian transport infrastructure built over decades to support the struggling economy.

Israel's attacks and all such acts of brutality and barbarity must be condemned.


Nicholas said...

The bourgeois press has totally backed Israel's offensive and even when they report upon casualities in Lebanon they couch it in terms of 'deaths on both sides" which totally minimized the absolutely unequal power and violence in this conflict.

Clark Simons said...

i think that the views on this blogger are un acceptable and are disturbing. Ure evil ways will soon come to an end......God will decide!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i agree