Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bhagat Singh

March 23rd, 2006 marked the 75th Death anniversary of one of the greatest revolutionaries of the Indian sub-continent - Comrade Bhagat Singh. Bhagat Singh was martyred by the British colonial government, along with Comrade Sukhdev and Comrade Rajguru, in 1931. Bhagat Singh was only 23 at that time.

When the jail official came to take Bhagat to the gallows, he was reading a book by Lenin. Bhagat asked the jail official to wait as 'one revolutionary was talking with another revolutionary'. One of the revolutionary poets of Punjab paid tribute to Bhagat Singh by saying, "indian youth have to read the next page of Lenin's book, left unread by Bhagat Singh at his death".

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The original Photographs and documents of Shahid Bhagat Singh and his Copatriots

Long Live Bhagat Singh!
Long Live Rajguru!
Long Live Sukhdev!

Long Live Revolution!

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