Wednesday, January 18, 2006

US Bombing of Pakistani Villages

CMKP Condemns US Bombing of Pakistani VillagesIn a flagrant display of imperial arrogance the US army has openlyviolated the sovereignty of Pakistan by bombing Pakistani villagestwice in the last week. The Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party condemnsthese brutal acts and extends its heartfelt condolences to thefamilies of the innocent people who were murdered by these brutalattacks. The incredibly mild and weak objections raised by thegovernment to this clear violation of our national sovereigntyreveals to the people the utter spinelessness of the illegitimatemilitary dictatorship imposed by imperialism on the people ofPakistan. Right-wing parties, the former fiercest allies ofimperialism, have acted as great pressure valves in order only toallow people to let off steam. They have always acted as a loyalopposition to the military regime. The people need real change.

Real change can come about only with the recognition that this act ofviolation of the national sovereignty of our country is a product ofthe imperialist war system. Therefore, the only way the people cancreate meaningful national sovereignty is by opposing the imperialistsystem that in turn is a product of the monopoly stage of capitalism.Communists are the only political force in the last century to haveconsistently opposed imperialism and won significant victories. Thisis because only communists recognize the intricate connection betweenthe class system and the system of imperialist war. Whether we lookat Vietnam, Cuba, Korea, or China, societies that have successfullychallenged imperialism and liberated themselves have done so onlyunder the leadership of scientific socialism and Marxist-Leninistparties.

We appeal to the people of Pakistan to channel their anger into theformation of an organized progressive anti-imperialist liberationmovement. That is the only way forward towards real and meaningfulchange.

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Renegade Eye said...

The world response was purely racist. What would the world response be, if London, Sydney or New York, was bombed by mistake?