Friday, December 30, 2005

Two articles about Stalin


In order to answer the allegations against the great revolutionary leader, Comrade J. V. Stalin, links of two articles are provided in this post. One of the articles is by Comrade Krupskaya, wife of Lenin, and the other one is a summary and commentary of an article by Maria Ulyanova, sister of Lenin. Both the articles are written in defense of Stalin against the groundless allegations by Trotsky, and his counter-revolutionary gang.

"The Slander Drive of Second International" by N.Krupskaya

"On the Relations between Lenin and Stalin" by Maria Ulyanova
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guerrilla radio said...

I'm from the US and I belong to the Free People's Movement (

There seems to be a slight problem with your blog comrade, the text is hard to read over the background.

guerrilla radio said...

Our goals and aims are laid out in our manifesto (which you can read at )

As it states, "We are not yet another political party formed around a particular doctrinaire, dogma, or “ism”, but rather a movement which bases its actions on current material conditions, the failures and achievements of the past (and the lessons they have taught us), and on the living – and constantly developing – revolutionary scientific theory of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels."

Mark K said...

While it is important to defend Stalin from untrue attacks against him, it is also important to be critical of him to learn from the mistakes of the Soviet experience.

Umer A. Chaudhry said...

Let that be assured that we have no disagreements on this question. Stalin was a man, not an saint, and he has committed some errors. It is our responsibility to learn from those mistakes. Stalin, like any other Marxist-Leninist, would have recommended that as well.