Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The revolutionary wave must start from the Third World

It is very important to understand that Marxism is a science. Science is something that is not written on the stone is and is open to debate and new discoveries resulting from our experiences in the world around us. One such experience is the starting of the global revolutionary wave.

Karl Marx predicted that the revolution will first come in the developed world. He based his opinion on the fact that since the first world (colonizers of that time) are the most industrialized. Due to the degree of industrialization, the proletariat or the masses of the developed world were amongst the most exploited of all. Due to the exploitation, the workers and peasants of the the first world formed the most revolutionary class. That is an over-simplified version of how the global revolutionary wave will emerge from the first world and then spread to the peripheries.

But history tought us a different lesson. In the first world, the labor movements were able to organize themselves and a very orderly fashion. To avoid the revolution, the bourgeois agreed with some terms of the masses. That lead to the welfare system of government that we are currently seeing in many countries of Europe. The implementation of the bourgeois concessions removed some exploitation that the workers and peasants of those countries were going through. They were no longer the most exploited of all the classes in the world. That led labor movements of these countries to deviate from their final goals as they were not attaining the popular support from the masses. They were now experiencing something that Marx referred o as the "false consciousness". The tide of revolution was delayed by some careful tactics of the bourgeois of the first world.

This development or "achievement" of the proletariat of the developed world can not be isolated with the contemporaries in the third world. The masses of the third world were being exploited on a much higher scale since they were not organized. It took the bourgeois of the first world pretty much to sustain a welfare system at home. They sucked that "pretty much" from the third world. The bourgeois of the third world helped their masters from the first world in actualizing their objectives.

The global socialist revolutionary wave must start from the workers and peasants of the third world.

Lenin said in one of his last articles: "Ultimately the outcome of the struggle will be settles by the fact that Russia, India, China, etc., constitutes the vast majority of the world population. And it is this majority of the population which during the past few years has been drawn into the struggle for emancipation with extraordinary rapidity; in this respect there can not be slightest doubt concerning the final outcome of the world struggle. In the sense, the complete victory of socialism is absolutely assured."


Tori S. said...

I'm a high school student in the US. They always teach us that communism is totally wrong, and don't even allow us to debate that fact. I actually beleive that in order to uphold our American ideals, we should study and debate these topics, rather than completely disregarding and degrading them. What do you plan on doing once you graduate?

Umer A. Chaudhry said...

Dear Tori,

You are quite right in pointing that out. You must understand the a conecpt before deciding that it is right or wrong. It is understandable why the people of US are so much against the notions of communism and socialism. It has very deep roots.

Anyways, I have not decided what I am going to do after my graduation. I might practice law in litigation or I might just become an academic. I will also try to develop my career as a revolutionary.