Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bhagat Singh on the Young Political Workers

I recently read an article written by Bhagat Singh with the name of "To Young Political Workers". He wrote this article on Feb 2, 1931 and can be found at
Bhagat Singh have quite efficiently elaborated in the course of action that the youth must follow in order to actualize their socialist goals.
He writes, " As I have already stated, for any revolutionary party a definite programme is very essential. For, you must know that revolution means action. It means a change brought about deliberately by an organized and systematic work, as opposed to sudden and unorganised or spontaneous change or breakdown. And for the formulation of a programme, one must necessarily study: 1. The goal. 2. The premises from where were to start, i.e., the existing conditions. 3. The course of action, i.e., the means and methods."
We must make ourselves clear on all of the three points and that can only be possible after conducting an exhaustive study.
Revolution can not come over night... and if it comes over night than it is not a revolution in its truest sense. What we are looking for is a true socialist revolution that will break the back of capitalism for all times to come. Such can only occur after an organized effort of the communist party for a very prolonged period. The youth of today must educate to develop a vision that will not fail revolution and train amongst themselves what Lenin referred to as the "professional revolutionaries".
This is the message of Bhagat Singh... One of the bravest revolutionaries ever and our comrade.

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